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About This Site

Amulya Kumar N Reddy

This site has been prepared by Prayas Energy Group, Pune, on the occasion of the 75th birthday of Professor Amulya Kumar N Reddy or Amulya. It has 150 of his over 290 publications organised in the areas of Technology, Energy and Ethics in a structured way.

We at Prayas have been inspired by Amulya’s un-compromising urge for truth, scientific rigour, pro-poor perspective and his courageous stand on various issues – even against the mainstream. We hope that this site would benefit professionals, activists, students and policy analysts in the areas of energy as well as science – technology and society.

Timeline gives a brief sketch of his life with major landmarks.


Publications form the main content of this site. About 150 of his over 290 non-electrochemistry publications are listed in this version of the site. (Publications prior to 1989 are not included in this release - we hope to include them later). Publications are organised in three broad sections - Technology, Energy and Ethics. There are 2 subsections to Technology and 9 to Energy. Publications are divided into different types – paper (long paper published in journals), popular article (published in newspaper, magazines), presentations, links and other (letter, brief speeches etc). Under a section and subsection, publications of a type are organised in reverse chronological order – i.e. the latest publication is given first. Author names are given when Amulya is not the lone author. Many publications have appeared in magazines/journals and this is acknowledged, with thanks.


Institutions link to the major institutions Amulya was associated with and give brief details of his association.


Others on Amulya provide writings of others on Amulya or his work.


Contact gives details of the current contact details of Amulya, IEI, with which he is associated and Prayas, the architects of this website.