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Has The World Bank Greened?

Has the World Bank greened? The World Bank (WB) has been accused of supporting mega projects, which have an adverse impact on the environment. There was an impression in the late 1980s that, in response to this criticism, the WB has changed its policies. There was also scepticism, asking if this change was for real. This article explores this debate and concludes that “greening” is a long-term process and not an overnight magic transformation.

Development-Focused Approach To The Environmental Problems Of Developing Countries, this paper has been prepared for presentation at the Tokyo Conference on "Global Environment, Energy and Economic Development", 25-27 October 1993, United Nations University, Tokyo.

The bulk of the degradation of the global atmosphere has originated primarily from the rich industrialized countries, but the contribution from the poor developing countries is increasingly rapidly. A steadfast commitment to basic-needs-oriented, self-reliant and environmentally sound development -- sustainable development -- is the key to addressing environmental problems.  The step by step environmental strategy for developing countries is illustrated with strategies for the electricity and oil sectors in India. 

Analytical Framework For The Reduction Of Greenhouse Gas Emissions,

This analytical framework has been produced by modifying the Report of the Ad-Hoc Working Group On Global Warming and Energy (AWGGWE) which met at the Center for Energy and Environmental Studies, Princeton University, Princeton (NJ), USA, on June 14-15, 1991.

Popular  Articles 

The Environment-Population Nexus an invited informal presentation at the MacArthur Foundation, Chicago, on July 1, 1994       

Energy is intimately connected with the environment and population. This short article considers some environment-related and population-related energy issues.


Environment Development Conflicts : A Way Out, March 1998.

Conflicts between development and the environment become serious, especially with big projects - like Sardar Sarovar, Enron or Kaiga. This article analyses the origins of such conflicts and outlines a constructive agenda for resolving them.

Forestry For People? Or Peoples' Forestry?,           

Forestry for people? Or peoples' forestry? A forestry plan for Pura; A short note on the problem and steps for solution


Presentation To Environmental Grantmakers Association, Presentation to Environmental Grant makers Association; Amulya and Sudhir Chella Rajan, October 12, 1995.This brief draft links environment, energy and sustainability issues.

The Blessing of The Commons, Presented at the International Conference on "Common Property, Collective Action and Ecology", August 1992       

The tragedy of the Commons' is this: the personal benefits that the individual derives from the destruction of the commons (i.e., community resource) are larger and more immediate than the personal loss from the slow and long term destruction of the Commons. Hence, each individual chooses to derive immediate personal benefits rather than save the Commons.  This short communication presents a case study of how Pura village in South India has triumphed over the 'Tragedy of the Commons'.



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