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Case Study Of Electricity Planning In Karnataka, Parisar Annual lecture, Pune 1990.


A detailed paper starting with Amulya's approach to development and explaining how the conventional energy paradigm is at cross-purposes with that approach. The alternate DEFENDUS paradigm is explained and applied to the Karnataka power sector


End Uses of Electricity in Karnataka Households, K. V. Narasimha Murthy, Gladys D. Sumithra and Amulya.

The paper describes the results of a survey of electricity consumption in a purposive and randomly-selected sample, consisting of 1,200 households in four districts of Karnataka. The survey reveals the patterns of electricity consumption; the stock of electrical appliances used by the households; the differences in the consumption of electricity between urban and rural areas; the use of other sources of energy for domestic purposes; and the degree of penetration of appliances/devices, which are energy-efficient.

Popular Articles 

Network for People-Friendly Reforms in the Power Sector

Prepared in February 2004 for a meeting organised by Prayas, to form a network of policy analysts working in the power sector, who are oriented towards the public interest. This two-page note outlines the issues to be addressed and the process of forming such a network.

Electricity Regulatory Commissions and Public Benefits Amulya and Antonette:

Electricity Regulatory Commissions and Public Benefits: A short note on the new ERCs and the positive role they can possibly play in India.


Guidelines for Implementing Electricity Tariff Increases, Deccan Herald, January 2001.

Guidelines for implementing electricity tariff increases: an article in the Deccan Herald, Bangalore, January 2001. Writing in the context of Karnataka state, Amulya says the key issue is to formulate guidelines for making decisions about subsidies.

Karnataka's Power Sector:  From Revelations to Recommendations,

Karnataka power sector: a 77-slide IEI presentation identifying problems and making recommendations for a solution.

Karnataka's Power Sector:  From Revelations to Recommendations        

Karnataka's power sector: from revelations to recommendations. Based on IEI study on the Karnataka power sector. J144



Integrating Captive Generation Sets (CGSs) with the Karnataka Grid -- Some Facts

Integrating captive generation sets (CGSs) with the Karnataka grid - Some facts. A 22- slides presentation about integrating the CGSs, which have an installed capacity of 1000 MW (one-third the State's) and capacity utilisation of 30%.

Karnataka Least-Cost Plan 

Least Cost Planning for Karnataka. A 13-slide presentation. Gives the issues related to Karnataka power planning in the DEFENDUS context.

Karnataka Power Sector -- Some Revelations,

This 113-slide IEI presentation points out that half the electricity consumption is un-metered; the capacity utilisation is very low; and there is 1000 MW of captive capacity. Suggests a package of realistic and small measures: 11 institutional, 5 demand side (DSM) or conservation and 8 supply side ones.

Karnataka Power Sector-Some Revelation (Another Presentation),

A 83-slide IEI presentation. Points out that half the consumption is un-metered, the capacity utilisation is very low and there is 1000 MW of captive capacity. Suggests a package of realistic and small measures: 11 institutional, 5 demand side (DSM) or conservation and 8 supply side ones.

Karnataka Power Sector: Important Policy Milestones,

Karnataka power sector. A 78-slide IEI presentation giving problems and recommendations for solution.

Rejuvenating Karnataka's Power Sector, Amulya, Antonette and K.V. Narasimha Murthy.

A 16-slide IEI presentation. The crisis in the Karnataka power sector, diagnosis, goal and strategies for rejuvenating it.

Proposed Recommendations,

Proposed recommendations on the Grid Code/Electricity Supply Regulations of KPTCL. A 9-slide presentation giving suggestions on the draft regulation.

Power Sector:  Some Recommendations, Presentation to Panel of Eminent Persons on Power

Karanataka's Power sector. A 23-slide IEI presentation. Mentions the problems with the sector and suggests recommendations for solution, which include IRP and involvement of civil society.



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