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The California Energy Crisis and its Lessons for Power Sector Reform In India, EPW ; Published in EPW May 5-11, 2001

The California Energy Crisis and its Lessons for Power Sector Reform in India was published in 2001, just when the process of Indian power reform appeared to be unstoppable and unquestionable. The ‘consensus’ was shattered by the unbelievable news of the California energy crisis. This comprehensive article helps to understand the California energy crisis and to draw lessons for India and other developing countries.

Energy Requirements In The Developing World, Energy requirements in the developing world; This paper has been prepared for presentation at the Conference on “The Rational Use of Energy and the Environmental Benefits,” Strasbourg, April 1-3, 1992, organized by the Watt Committee on Energy.

A revised and expanded version of the paper entitled “Energy for the Developing World” by Amulya Reddy and Jose Goldemberg, Scientific American, Volume 262, No.9,  September 1990. A detailed paper covering topics like: Energy and the developing countries; Energy, environment and development; the DEFENDUS scenario; National and international energy priorities; Role of funding agencies, etc.


Causal Factors ,

California crisis - Lessons for developing countries. A 19-slide presentation


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