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Nuclearization, Human Rights And Ethics

Nuclearization, Human Rights and Ethics: Text of a lecture in memory of Jayaprakash Narayanan. Addresses the ethical issues in India’s nuclear weapons programme. Says that "Scientists escape responsibility for the mis-direction of science by the clever excuse of the amorality and neutrality of science".

Lest We Forget C.G.K. Reddy                  

A tribute to  C.G. K. Reddy, Amulya's uncle and a socialist. Amulya admired him and writes about him: "Since he (CGK)  saw the clay feet of heroes, he could see the heroes in ordinary people".

The Making Of A Socially-Concerned Scientist:  Personal Reflections Of A Maverick, Seminar in 1993

The making of a socially concerned scientist: personal reflections of a maverick; Appeared in “Seminar” in 1993. An autobiographical article – from electrochemist to energy analyst.

In Memory of Professor Satish Dhawan, Amulya and K.Krishna Prasad. In the ESD special issue (Volume 6,Issue 2, 2002)

Dedicated to  Prof Satish Dhawan, who passed away in January 2002. Amulya was associated with Prof Dhawan in IISc, ASTRA and KSCSTC.


Politeness or Fear Of Dissenting? Letter to editor of Current Science, Politeness or fear of dissenting? Letter to Editor, Current Science, August 2001.

Commenting on the editorial in its May 2001 issue ('The Importance of being Impolite'), Amulya says it is not politeness that is a major impediment to the advance of science, but the absence of debate, criticism and dissent.

Background And Main Interest  

A short note on Amulya - especially in the area of rural energy. 

Reflections on science and technology for rural development, Amulya K.N. Reddy,  Presented by Amulya during the one-day seminar organized as part of his 75th birthday, IISc, Bangalore, 2005.



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